Five year old girl dies after took cough syrup

It is a notification to parent after heard about this Kimber Michelle Brown of Durango, Colorado was death after took a little bit too much cough syrup. The children staying with her grandmother when he took overdose syrup. According to Kimber’s father, the children started to get leg pain, cramps and muscle spasms after took the syrup. Not long after she collapsed and passed away. A toxiology report that children took 96 nanograms per mililiter of dextromethorphan, the active ingredient in most cough medicine in her blood. The limit of this drug for adults is 40 ng/mil. Kimber also had 490 ng/ml of cetirizine, the active ingredient in the allergy medication Zyrtec in her blood. The limit for cetirizine in body is between 271 and 352 ng/ml.

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Sad. A cute young children die in young age

The Sixth Judicial District Attorney’s Office has investigate this case to see whether it is criminal or not. The dosage of drug in Kimberly blood probably means it is accidentally overdose take.
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Source :- NaturalNews

Condolence to Kimberly family. Hopefully this case will show how important educate children about drug.

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