hair transplant

Treating Hair Loss

The very first hair transplant is said to have been done in the year 1822 in Germany, when a medical student, along with his mentor, tried transplanting hair in animals. Diffenbach and his surgical mentor Dom Unger were of the opinion that with this procedure, baldness would eventually become a rarity. Little would they have known at that time, that hair transplantation would become such a huge domain and there

Advanced Hair Transplant Techniques Used in Delhi

Nowadays the hair transplant in Delhi is becoming much popular. So, the techniques for doing the hair transplant is also been on the rise. The hair falling issues are nowadays have seen much in the young individuals only. Talking about the present scenario, Robotic Hair Transplant in Delhi is becoming much popular as in this technique there is not any kind of linear cut or does not cause any pain

Some of the best things that you get with hair transplant

Hair transplant is a surgical process in which hair transplant expert would move your hair follicles from the back of your scalp to the new place where you have baldness. This bald spot is called as recipient site, and the place from where they take hair follicle is known as the donor site. With this treatment, male pattern baldness get the treatment, and you can get rid of partial baldness