Infographic : How Technology Is Helping Health And Wellness Providers Promote Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Apps and wearable technology are the next big thing in the healthcare industry. People are never without some sort of device on their person. So why not use that to the advantage of patients and medical professionals? Now more than ever, people can easily monitor their health and make the changes they need to lead a life of wellness. See how in the infographic below created by Arizona State University’s

Anxiety management

Anxiety can affect us in so many different ways. It is varied in it’s nature and symptoms. There are many reasons why we feel anxious and one of them is down to the fact that we live demanding and fast-paced lives. This infographic looks at how anxiety affects both the mind and the body.   This Infographic By The Worsley Centre at

The Science Behind the Human Brain

We are still trying to understand how the human brains works but what we do know is already fascinating. Its sheer complexity means it may still be a long time before we fully understand its workings. This infographic from   Study Medicine Europe   takes you through what we know about how the brain works and what we can do to protect it. Interestingly, the brain may still be developing until our

Study shows e-cigarettes are safer than smoking

  The debate over e-cigarettes and their health implications is still a source of debate for many. Some people swear by their effectiveness as a way to quit smoking, while others talk about the potential detrimental effects of e-cigarette use. This infographic from purplebox takes you through an interesting recent study by Cancer Research UK – comparing cigarette smokers and e-cigarette users. It revealed that levels of NNAL, a chemical

How accessible is the Internet for people with disabilities?

When you create a website, you’ll inevitably put hours of thought into how it’s laid out, what content appears on the site and how many different pages you have within the site. One consideration which many websites overlook, though, is their accessibility for people with disabilities. All the snazzy visuals in the world are no good to a blind or visually impaired user, who instead relies totally upon a screen