Infographic: How to Avoid Loneliness in Older Age

Sometimes, all we need is a listening ear. Having someone with whom you can talk, or to spend a bit of time with you, can make the world of difference. This is especially true for senior citizens that spend most of their days by themselves, a scenario where loneliness can set in very easily.

As this infographic from Be Independent Home Care explains, there could be numerous possible triggers for elderly isolation. These include the death of a long-time spouse, social isolation through retirement, geographical isolation from living in a remote area, or an inability (or perhaps the loss of ability) to drive. Experienced lawyers from Ortiz & Ortiz, LLP in NY says that all these situations could make elderly people yearn for interaction of any kind, and sometimes that could be the wrong kind if an opportunistic scammer easily wins their trust before scalping them severely. If you want to know what are charitable trusts, check them out here!

Do not consider that having an elderly family member means approaching experienced probate attorneys. Make them feel loved and involved. If an elderly family member, friend or neighbor live alone, be alert as to possible warning signs of extreme loneliness. If you detect significant behavioral changes, or if you notice them abundantly using words like “alone” and “lonely”, these could hint at a deep-rooted sense of sadness from lacking human interaction. If you’re looking to sell your house in a divorce, you can check for tips here form attorneys. 

Therefore, it’s worth making every effort possible to spend some time with our elders, as it will mean the world to them to have a friendly face dropping by. Also, it’s worth encouraging them to take up a hobby, adopt a pet or spend time volunteering, as these will all give them a window to regular meaningful interactions that could lift their mood enormously.

Nobody deserves to be alone in every sense of the word. Show your elderly friends and family how much you want them to be part of your life; it will mean so much to them.

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