Infographic : 300,000 People Lose Their Job Every Year Due to Mental Health


mployer’s involvement in employee’s health has now gone further than contributing towards eye appointments and dentist appointments through a health scheme. Employers must ensure they are looking after their employees’ mental health and well-being.

60% of employees have experienced mental health issues in the past year because of work. Depression and anxiety are the most common diagnosis. Organisations perform better when their staff is health both physically and mentally, motivated and focused. Anyone going through mental health issues needs to know that their employer is supportive and can offer help and understanding.

Trying not to overload your staff with too much work or making them work longer hours that will burn them out is a great starting point when trying to prevent mental health issues from occurring. However, it’s important to remember that we all have mental health and this will naturally go up and down for everybody.

Priding yourself on being an organisation that supports their employee’s mental health and well-being will bring your organisation new benefits. It has been proven that looking after employee’s mental health and well-being improves loyalty, employee retention and commitment.

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