Stress — that umbrella term for negative emotions like worry, anxiety, and frustration — is contagious. Much like a common cold, you can “catch” it from other people. And just like a virus, it can leave you feeling (emotionally) wiped out. How stress spreads As part of his research into stress and behavior, Tony Buchanan, PhD, director of the Neuroscience Program at Saint Louis University in St. Louis, Missouri, has


In this day and age of fast living it’s not uncommon to fell under stress. According to survey conducted by Associated Press and mtvU, about 77 percent of people regularly feel symptoms of stress, and one in three feel overstressed every week. Sources for stress are many. Work is naturally one of them as people are expected to work longer and harder than ever, always chasing deadlines and disregarding their

Health Matters: The Mind-Body Connection

Until recently, the connection between the mind and the body has never been truly emphasized. For many years, mental health and physical health were regarded as two separate entities. But over the last couple of years, and with the help of countless studies, it was finally determined that mental health and physical health are intertwined.   Now it can be said that if the mind is not of sound health,


Do you always getting stress of your work, life or others? Stress is not good if you can’t manage it. The unmanaged stress could affect the body. Read this info about how stress affect the body :- A. HEAD – The issues with mood, anger, depression, irritability, lack of energy, concentration problems, anxiety and panic attack. B. HEART – Increased blood pressure, fast heart beat, increased risk of heart attack

Mental Stress

Are you always bring your work at home and spent a holiday with job task on the mind? It means you are a workaholic person. Workaholic always get stress because take their job much of the time. This make you don’t have a quality time with your family. In this entry I’ll share 7 tips for workaholic to get best out of your health :- 1. Get a better sleep.


Stress can be subtle. You might not even know you are stressed until you get so far gone that your body gives you a notice you can’t ignore. From upset stomachs, to knotted shoulders, to even worse symptoms, stress can cause or start a number of illnesses that can then spiral out of control. If you have symptoms you can’t explain and have been under a lot of stress lately