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Yoga asthma

Facing problems related to poor digestion?  Don’t worry- with yoga you can solve the digestive problems. Explore the article to know how? Happiness and health of a person largely depend on the health of his/her digestion. Digestive discomfort is an unpleasant experience that counters many issues. It can also put us in awkward and embarrassing situations. An unhealthy digestion can lead to troubles like bloated and growling stomach, cramps, constipation,

Discover the Best Yoga Flow Sequence to Get Slim and Fit Body

How would you like to slim down and really feel fit with just a 10-12 minute quick yoga session every day? Read to know about a flow sequence tailored for just the purpose. Yoga for weight loss— don’t believe it? Do it for the fitness and peace then. What do you know? The only thing standing between you and your hot body may be the conviction to get up from

Yoga Doesn’t Burn Many Calories But This Is Why You Lose Weight

  “You can’t lose weight doing yoga!” “You can’t be burning many calories, it’s just a bit of stretching.” “Yoga is so easy, it can’t be doing anything useful.” Have you heard one or more of these statements before? Whoever said them quite clearly hasn’t tried advanced Bakasana[1] before! These comments are often made by well-meaning friends, addicted to the gym, the whirl of spin bikes or the thud of

Stress relieving Yoga for office goers

Performing yoga in the office premises can be innovative, fun, and relaxing as it provides many long term health benefits. If you have a sedentary job then you end up sitting in front of the computer desk for long hours. As a result, you strain your back muscles, shoulder, and neck, leading to stiffness and tension. If these concerns are not attended to appropriately, they could hamper your ability to