Stress relieving Yoga for office goers

Performing yoga in the office premises can be innovative, fun, and relaxing as it provides many long term health benefits. If you have a sedentary job then you end up sitting in front of the computer desk for long hours. As a result, you strain your back muscles, shoulder, and neck, leading to stiffness and tension. If these concerns are not attended to appropriately, they could hamper your ability to work efficiently at the workplace, disrupting your overall quality of living. You can incorporate office yoga as a resolution to your concerns. Yoga consists of a sequence of workouts you can perform unobtrusively from your desk at your convenience.
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If you make office yoga workouts a part of your daily routine, it will work wonders as the workouts wipe away tension, fatigue, and body pain and enhance the muscle strength as well as flexibility on the whole. Yoga keeps you revitalized and fresh through the day. The workouts do not demand much time and offer good health.

Best Yoga Exercises for Office Goers

  • Neck Roll: With your eyes closed, allow your chin to rest on your chest. Gradually move your neck in a circular motion with your right ear moving towards the right shoulder, and take your head backwards, and bring the left ear towards the left shoulder. Loosen your shoulders and relax. Try to move your neck for 3 to 5 times, and switch directions thereafter.


  • Cow Stretch: While you are seated on the chair, place your feet on the floor bringing both hands towards your knees. When you inhale, your back should be stretched backwards and face the ceiling. Similarly, when you exhale, your back has to be stretched forward and look down. Repeat this workout for 3 to 5 breaths.


  • Seated Forward Bend: Move your chair away from your workstation, and remain seated by placing your feet flat on the floor.Bring your arms backward towards the lower back, keep your back firm, and interlace all your fingers behind your back. Bend forward straight from your waist with interlaced hands and fingers over your back. Your chest needs to be rested on your thighs, and neck should be in a relaxed position.


  • Eagle Arms: Stretch both arms straight, and theyshould beparallel to the floor. Palmsneed to face the ceiling. Crisscross both your arms bringing the left arm beneath the right arm and bend your armsatthe elbows. Try to bring your palms together. Lift the elbows and the shoulderswith the crisscross arms to your eyes level. Repeat the exercise 3 to 5 times.

To conclude, yoga helps develop your mind and body as well as bring a whole lot of health benefits. As most working people do not have time to spare, they can perform these simple workouts that can be performed in minutes to relieve stress. If you have the dedication to stay fit with a tension free mind, then yoga is the best remedy you can get out of many other options available. If you perform these exercises regularly, you can find drastic changes in your professional and personal life too. These exercises keep your mind free from stress and tension.

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