THALASSAEMIA: The Fatal Genetic Disease

Thalassaemia is a genetic disease or descendants

Any child could get Thalassaemia gene from their parents. It is not a contagious disease ,  can not be transmitted by blood, air, water or physical contact. Men and women have equal opportunities to get the disease.
Thalassemia treatment
There are two types of thalassemia major thalassemia minor (thalassemia gene carriers) and Thalassemia Major (Thalassemia Patients). Thalassemia gene carriers showed no health problems but a thalassemia gene carriers can reduce the child-thalassemia gene. Mostly Thalassaemia  patients will show signs of age from 3-18 months. Among the symptoms are the body is weak and restless, difficulty breathing, bloated stomach due to swelling of the liver and spleen, stunted growth and changes in formation at the interface when the child grows.

Treatment for thalassemia patients is known as a treatment for blood transfusion of 1 to 2 times a month in a life-thalassemia patients. This treatment will return the hemoglobin levels to greater good and tissues in the body will get enough oxygen. However, the process of blood transfusion prolonged treatment will result in excessive accumulation of iron in vital organs in the body such as heart, liver and endocrine glands are affected functions. Thus, iron removal treatment is very important for the patients of thalassemia major. It can be given by injection.


Another option is undergo a  surgery to remove the spleen depends on the particular situation. However, there are preventive measures to avoid thalassemia and needs to be done by the couple . The first step is to undergo testing for those with a family history. The second step, if you have Thalassaemia trait and want to get married, you need to open up and talk it over with your partner. Your spouse would need to undergo a blood test to see whether he also had the Thalassaemia trait. Third, if both partners carry Thalassaemia trait, they should seek advice and further information about them with genetic counselor. This is necessary because if the two married thalassemia gene carriers, there’s most likely a child will born as a Thalassaemia major patients that can be fatal.
Based on the explanations above, all parties must be aware to prevent this thalassemia.

Thalassaemia major is a serious disease, if untreated, can cause death to children aged between one and eight years. Are we prepared to lead future generations of this country as it is decreasing due to the negligence of our own organs in a simple blood screening tests? Therefore, it is hoped that conducted campaigns to people about thalassemia and the risk of patients suffering from thalassemia can be assisted accordingly in order to survive.

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