Health and Its Determinants

Health is level of operational or metabolic efficacy of human beings. It is the most important aspect for better livings. It is the common status of one’s body and mind. The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined the term health in a circumstantial sense as “a condition of complete mental, physical and social welfare and not solely the absence of any diseases or debility”. Generally a person free from any infirmity, injury or pain is called as a healthy person.

Factors Affecting Nature of Health:


Generally, the ambience in which a person lives holds a key feature in his health condition and his living standards. Health is not just sustained by improvements in the fields or health science but through the endeavor and smart lifestyle by selection of appropriate company and society. As per the survey carried by World Health Organization, the main factors affecting the nature of health are economic and social surroundings, the physical ambience, and one’s personal qualifications and demeanor.

The More Elaborated Key Factors That Affect The Health Of A Person Are:


  • Person’s earnings and social condition.
  • Education plays a very important role in the health of a person. He can be well versed in taking decisions that are necessary for the maintenance of proper health.
  • The environment where a person works. It has to be free from pollution.
  • Orderly checkups can be vital in diagnosis of disease if any at an early stage.
  • An individual’s gender is also a prime determinant whether a person is healthy or not.
  • The civilization, customs and traditions.
  • A better social surrounding helps us to sustain a better mental health.

With the increasing work load, stresses and other mental challenges, the mental health is a matter of consideration. A proper balanced and nutritional diet, ameliorate social surroundings and peaceful environment leads a person towards a higher living standards and a healthy lifestyle.

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