The Guide to Beating a Heart Attack

As we know, heart attack is dangerous and I’ve wrote about a soccer player that physically fit also get into heart attack. I just read an article from yahoo and think it is some good guide to follow

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1. The Basics
Knowing your cholesterol and blood pressure numbers is as fundamental to heart health as knowing the alphabet is to reading. Yet surveys show about one third of people with problem levels don’t know it. For most people, optimal LDL, or bad cholesterol, is under 100; HDL, or good cholesterol, is over 60; and blood pressure is less than 120/80.
Tests for such readings aren’t only important to understanding your risk, doctors say, but to measuring your progress toward reducing it. Healthy diet and exercise habits comprise the first line of offense toward improving or managing these numbers and toward controlling weight and blood-sugar levels as well. Drugs to lower cholesterol and blood pressure are effective weapons when needed.

2. A 10-minute Workout
Guidelines urge three hours a week of brisk exercise to maintain heart health, but many people who can’t find the time to work up a sweat for 30 minutes most days don’t bother. “It’s the all or nothing phenomenon,” says Martha Grogan, a cardiologist at Mayo Clinic.
But how about 10 minutes a day? While the 30-minute target is associated with a 70% reduction in heart-attack risk over a year, Mayo researchers analyzed the data and noticed that a brisk 10-minute walk a day results in a nearly 50% reduction compared with people who get hardly any exercise.

3.Keep Moving
Even regular exercise isn’t sufficient if you’re confined to a desk or a couch for the rest of the day.
A study from Australian researchers published two years ago found that spending more than four hours a day in front of a computer or television was associated with a doubling of serious heart problems, even among people who exercised regularly. The researchers tracked 4,512 men and women, mostly in their late 50s, for four years and compared them against those spending less than two hours in front a screen.
Prolonged sitting was associated with higher levels of inflammatory markers in the blood, higher body weight and lower levels of HDL, or good cholesterol, indicating that sedentary behavior has its own bad biology apart from whether you’re physically active.

4.Don’t Worry, Be Happy
In their new heart-health book “Heart 411,” Cleveland Clinic doctors Marc Gillinov and Steven Nissen describe a study by Wayne State University researchers who rated the smiles of 230 baseball players who played before 1950 based on pictures in the Baseball Register. Then they looked to see how long the players lived on average: No smile, age 73; partial smile, 75. Those with a full smile made it to 80.

5. Eat your veggies
Complying with nutritional guidelines is the toughest challenge for most Americans, data from the American Heart Association indicate. Shopping the perimeter aisles of the grocery store is one possible remedy. It’s where fresh produce and other unprocessed foods are typically found—generally considered more heart-healthy than the calorie-dense, salt-heavy foods found principally in the interior sections of the store, says Amparo Villablanca, a cardiologist at University of California, Davis.
She advises patients to “not put mud in your engines. You have to get people to think of their bodies as a finely tuned machine.”

6.Get a Good Night’s Sleep
Sleep’s role in protecting the heart is underestimated, says Mayo’s Dr. Grogan. “If you get one less hour of sleep than you need each night, you’ve basically pulled an all-nighter a week,” she says. Chronic sleep deprivation can lead to high blood pressure, weight gain and increase your risk of diabetes, she says.

Source :- Yahoo

All the guideliness is important to reduce risk to get heart attack. Always make a healthy lifestyle..

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