The Rising Popularity of the Gluten-free Diet

In 2014, the gluten-free market was worth $2.84 billion and it is expected to be worth $4.89 billion by 2021. These figures are staggering when you consider that only 1% of people havebeen diagnosed with a gluten intolerance it becomes more amazing. It is true that some people will have a slight intolerance to gluten but this will generally go undiagnosed.

Whatever the makeup of people with gluten intolerance, when up to 30% of people are buying gluten-free products, the reasons for going gluten-free are more far reaching than a simple intolerance. Other reasons for giving up gluten are for digestive health and weight loss but the research is a little blurry in these areas.

Check out this infographic from Lakeshore Convention Centre for more information on the rising popularity of the gluten-free diet.


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