The Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee

Many people get through the day by drinking coffee. They have a cup first thing in the morning, maybe have another cup in work and grab another takeaway cup at lunch. There is no doubt that people love their coffee but often they are a bit unsure if coffee is having a positive or detrimental impact on their health.

Many of you will have read articles looking at both sides of the coin. One week it’s about the benefits of drinking coffee and a week later a new article identifies potential negative consequences of drinking coffee. This infographic from Espresso Works focuses on some incredible potential benefits of drinking coffee. While of course, all of these studies need further investigation, it is still worth reading about them just to get a flavour of some of the research.

There are also some quick tips on how to supercharge your coffee. Try to avoid adding store bought creamers and keep away from the sugar. Even those artificial sweeteners tend to be bad news. Find out more facts about your favourite morning drink now!

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