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Most of back pain disease is caused by the aging process. However, a serious spinal disease can occur at a young age. Back pain is caused by free radical reactions in the human body. It can occur among young people in some circumstances, such as past injuries, posture, and ergonomic factors are not balanced and healthy lifestyle. Here are some useful guidelines to prevent recurrent spinal pain :-

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1. Always use the seat to support your back to remain in an upright position. Avoid pledge or bent position. Adjust the table so that the appropriate level with the height of your chair for writing purposes. You can use a height adjustable desk or table is tilted toward you. When you wake up from a chair do not lean. Make sure you keep up with your back.
2. Modify the position of your car seat to provide comfort while driving. Make sure your chair supports your back vertical. Make sure your seat is far enough to stretch your legs. Avoid driving too long.
3. Straighten your back when walking. Always put your shoulders back position. Take the position of your chest forward and into the stomach. Avoid running the bend and suddenly changing the position or direction .

4. Avoid heavy lifting with the spine. Distribute the burden to the small load. Always Stand back while lifting while bending the knee and hip joints.
5. Modify the height of a table or chair to prevent the spine from bending. Always Stand back when doing any work. Use the knee to go down to achieve things on the floor.
6. Turn the stomach when you cough or sneeze. Hold your stomach when coughing and sneezing with your hands so that your stomach muscles to control movement.
7. Lying on the mattress is flat and not sagging down. You need to maintain the arch bone in her sleep on your back. You can use a small pillow to your back line. Sleeping on the stomach is not recommended because it will increase the pressure on the joint facets.
8. Do not wear shorts when standing. This situation will cause you had to bend over. Instead wear pants while sitting in a chair
9. Avoid movements that impact directly on the spine, such as Extreme sports like jumping, jogging, rugby or cycling uphill.

Hopefully this little tip helps you avoid the recurrence of spinal pain.

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