Tips Oral Care for your child

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Dental care gums and teeth should start as soon as the baby grow.Parents should teach their children to take care of their teeth so their teeth healthy and beautiful as an adult. It is important to protect your child from damage and decay in milk teeth hurt. Read this guidelines

Babies below 24 months
1. Clean baby’s mouth with a clean cloth after and before bed.
2. Do not let your baby fall asleep with a bottle of milk in their mouth unless it is filled with plain water only.
3. Visit the dentist when the first tooth did not appear when your child reaches the age of one year.
4. Brush your teeth with a small brush and soft after meals and at bedtime.
5. Continue to clean other parts of the mouth with gauze or a soft cloth.
6. Discuss with your dentist or specialist about additional fluoride.

Age 2-6 years
1. Parents should continue to clean the mouth of the children and allow them to participate based on your interests and abilities.
2. Start teaching them to use dental floss at the close.
3. Consult your dentist for regular teeth cleaning.

Age 6-12 years
1. Start transferring the responsibility of brushing and dental floss to children with parental supervision. Age 8 years is the average age of the child is able to brush their own teeth, dental floss mankala do when they reach the age of 10 years.
2. Children should be brushing technique and toothbrush type recommended by their dentist.

Children of all ages
1. Change your toothbrush every 3-4 months.
2nd Brush your teeth twice a day after eating breakfast and before bedtime.

For further information please contact your nearest dentist.

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