Tips to buy the right jogging /running shoes

Many of us do not know that it is important that the selection of jogging shoes. This is to avoid pain in the leg, causing injury. For this entry I’ll teamed bit as much about the ways to choose the right shoes jogging.

1. Find and go to a store that offers selection of jogging shoes. Probably it is better if the shop is expert on sport shoes. Avoid to shopping store that don’t have knowledge about sport. At the sport store, the sales staff can give some advice about the shoe not only based on the design but the technical of the shoes.

2. Don’t just buy without try it. Maybe in your mind, you want to buy a specific model but you still need to try to check whether it is suitable to your leg.

3. What size you wear? The jogging/running shoes not same like other shoes. You need to buy a bigger shoes than usual. It must have space between the front of shoe and your big toe.

4. You need to examine the width of the shoe to ensure it not constrict your foot.

5. Check the heel. Check it whether it fit correctly. Get a shoes that does not rub or pinch your heel.

6. Do some running in the shoes. Not really speed but try to do few strides to know whether it is fit to your leg.

7. It is good to try using same socks for your running because the socks will change the way you shoes fits.

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