Tips to treat your gastric ulcers

Gastric is a pain in the stomach. It is very painful in ulcer and a gnawing in stomach. This painful will wake patient during the night after eating and it may occur some 2 to 3 hours later on. Gastric is occurring because an imbalance amount of stomach acid secreted and the natural defenses of the stomach mucosal lining. Most of patient get severe gastric pain because delay in eating. Others gastric ulcers symptoms are abdominal bloating, loss appetite, fatigue, nausea and weight loss. There factors for begin gastric ulcers include uncontrollable using of aspirin, smoking, increasing age, blood clotting problem and mechanical ventilation.

Ease Gastric

There are some basic tip how to treat your gastric ulcer :-

1. You need to drink more fresh water to clean your ulcer. There are good recommend for you to drink hot water after meal and make sure you get enough water daily.
2. Avoid eating chilly because it will effect your stomach. It also will increase acidity in your stomach.
3. Eat in schedule. Don’t forget to eat especially in lunch time.
3. Eating garlic can help to prevent acid in your stomach. For quick relieve, try 2-3 cloves of garlic.
4. Apple cider vinegar can help relieve the pain.

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5. Aloe-vera juice also good to treat gastric ulcers especially by drinking this on a empty stomach.
6. Avoid sleeping after eating because it will double gas and acid in your stomach.
7. Avoid stressing. Stress is a main reason for many diseases and you need to control it for curing these diseases.


If you get the symptom, call your health care. They will perform an endoscopy and imaging studies to determine if you has a gastric ulcer. He/she will provide you with prescribe drugs that will lower acid secretion in your stomach.

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  1. Some of the ideas to do that are to drink distilled water only. Eat more vegetables, fish, and gluten totally free grains for example brown rice and millet. Consume plain yogurt that contains live yogurt cultures.

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