Cause of insomnia

Have you seen a person that can’t sleep? Based on research there are one in five people has the problem.This disorder symptom called insomnia. The person also wake up too early from their sleep and not feel refresh after a night’s sleep. The normal amount of sleep is around 6-8 hours per night and most of us need at least 3-4 hours sleep at night. For older people they will sleep less than six hours. The insomnia will give bad effect on your health because your bodies don’t get enough resting and sleep. The person affect with this problem will be tired in the daytime and can’t focus on their activity. Some of them needed a pill to get sleep but they can addict with the drug.
There are a number that causes of insomnia such as :


Cause of insomnia

1. Stress. Tension in workplace or school can make insomnia. People who are work hard think about their work in night and can’t get sleep. There are person that always worry about being late awake in morning and their sleep will interfere.
2. Depression includes poor concentration, persistent negative thoughts and tearfulness.
3. Sleep Apnea occurs for snore people. Most of them are obese people and it may wake up in the night.


4. People who take much alcohol drink get broken sleep. Drug such as cocaine, ecstasy, and cannabis also effect on sleep cycle .
5. People who do little exercise need to sleep less because they don’t use much energy.
6. You need a good environment to sleep. Bright or noise place will interrupt your sleep. A quiet dark room is the suitable place to sleep.
7. A day activity also effect on your sleeping. Avoid watch scary or violent stories before bed.
8. Eating during the night also can cause insomnia. Too much caffeine or smoking contribute to poor sleep.

That’s all the cause of insomnia. It can occur to everyone and we must pay attention about it.

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