Difficult to sleep - Insomnia

Difficulty sleeping problems often occur among individuals. The disease is called insomnia. Insomnia is the inability to sleep, or the inability to get enough sleep. Hours of sleep needed by a dependent on age. Babies and children need time to sleep longer than older people. Number of bedrooms needed by the elderly is about 4-5 hours compared with younger people who need 8 hours. The following are symptoms of insomnia

Dealing With Stress-induced Insomnia

For most of us, lifestyle of modern day and age can be difficult, And the sheer amount of problems we have to work through in our day to day lives eventually takes its toll, so we can easily become stressed. As if that’s not enough, prolonged periods of stress can lead to lack of sleep or even insomnia. Now, it’s a universal wisdom that good sleep is essential for our

The Anatomy of an All-Nighter

I just get email from one of my readers that want me to share her infographic that related to health. Just look at the picture and learn something.. Via: Online Colleges Guide I think it is good for you to know about people problem on sleep.

Cause of insomnia

Have you seen a person that can’t sleep? Based on research there are one in five people has the problem.This disorder symptom called insomnia. The person also wake up too early from their sleep and not feel refresh after a night’s sleep. The normal amount of sleep is around 6-8 hours per night and most of us need at least 3-4 hours sleep at night. For older people they will

How to reduce insomnia?

Insomnia usually caused by either behavioural problems and bad sleep habits, medical problems, pshychiatric problems, medications and drugs, cardiac rhythm disorders or sleep disorders (such as sleep disordered breathing or periodic limb movements in sleep). No matter what originally caused the complaint of insomnia, behavioural problems are the main perpetuating problem. Poor sleep hygiene means bad sleep habits. It is generally results from irregula sleep schedules, excessive daytime napping, overuse

9 Food to Help Sleep

Have a problem to sleep? Maybe some of you have this problem. Eating can solve your problem but not all meals. This is 9 food that help you to get better sleep. 1. Chickpeas – Chickpeas boast vitamin B6 that needed to make melatonin ( a sleep-inducing hormone triggered by darkness). 2. Fortified Cereals – Fortified cereals boast vitamin B6 which is needed to make melatonin .. Same like above..