Dealing With Stress-induced Insomnia

For most of us, lifestyle of modern day and age can be difficult, And the sheer amount of problems we have to work through in our day to day lives eventually takes its toll, so we
can easily become stressed. As if that’s not enough, prolonged periods of stress can lead to lack of sleep or even insomnia. Now, it’s a universal wisdom that good sleep is essential for our bodies to function properly. If you are not sleeping enough, you can’t be in a shape to fix the problems causing stress. While the situation is certainly bad, it’s not hopeless. In this article, we will cover five ways of dealing with stress-induced insomnia.


Sleep hygiene

Sleep hygiene goes deeper than having a clean pair of sheets. It entails ensuring that the bedroom is purely a place of rest. In light of the high demands placed on us by life, we end up introducing work desks in our bedroom with the thought that maybe we can work some more before sleep. And in doing so, we bring our stress triggers in the bedroom. To conquer stress-induced insomnia, you need to make your bedroom solely a place of revitalizing and relaxation.


If you are suffering from stress-induced insomnia, you should see a professional masseuse. As a discipline that has been perfected by massage experts through centuries, it is a great way of getting you back to usual sleep pattern as it stimulates the release of endorphins (“feel good” chemicals) and serotonin in addition to muscle relaxation. In particular, serotonin is helpful as it’s regarded as the mood balancing chemical and a deficiency can cause depression. As a result, massage alleviates anxiety and pain which should make falling to sleep easy.

Turning off the screens

In this age of social media and online culture, our electronic devices have become sort of an addiction. While some would say that they can be a source of joy in our social life, using these devices in bed will only worsen your sleeping schedule. As noted in Chicago Tribune reports, the blinking light typical in most modern smart devices suppresses melatonin levels and disrupts the circadian rhythms. In doing so, this light messes up your sleep, as melatonin is the hormone that regulates night sleep and the circadian rhythms control our sleep cycle.

Natural sleep

Research has shown that over nine million Americans rely on sleeping pills to fall asleep. When suffering from stress induced insomnia, this is not the right way of taking back control. While sleeping pills undisputedly work, they will not restore your normal sleeping pattern. A good alternative is the valerian root which is a natural supplement that has been backed by studies to aid in falling asleep.


Establish a sleeping routine

Consistency in the sleeping hours will help you in dealing with your stress induced insomnia. For example, if you routinely retire to bed at 10PM every day, your body will shortly always start feeling tired at that time, which ultimately will lead to regular and healthy sleeping schedule.

If you are suffering from stress induced insomnia, good combination of the advices above should help you getting back to regular and healthy sleeping hours.

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