Too late for 9/11 cancer compensation

I’ve wrote about WTC Health Program for cancer victims. The program is good for those involved work at the World Trade Center site following the tragedy. Sadly, the news is too late for Jevon Thomas. He passed away in April after a rare cancer. He died when he just 45 years old. Thomas has been working on ‘the pile’, breathing in fumes from burning jet fuel and asbestos. He was working for a company that installs portable toilets when the planes hit the building. In interview with CNN two years ago, he worked there without a mask for 10 hours a day, seven days a week for about 14 monts.
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After he stopped working at the place, he noticed a lump on his hand that turned out to be a rare cancer called epithelioid sarcoma. He quit his job and get several surgeries and chemotherapy. His physician, Dr Iris Udasin from Rutgers University trying to help him as possible but his family suffered financially as his wife is disabled. At the time, workers could apply for money from the federal September 11th Victim Compensation Fund if they suffered respiratory problems and not include cancer. In the interviewed two years ago, Thomas surely think his cancer come from his work at ground zero.
He said

“You can’t work in an environment with so many different chemicals and carcinogens … for a year straight, day in and day out, and not come down with something,” he said.

The scientists not really sure about it and the long lag time makes it particularly difficult to relate the cancer and the ground zero. Cancer doesn’t develop quickly and can take five to six years to develop and solid tumors can take 10-20 years.

Source :- CNN Edition

What a sad story.. After died, now Thomas ambition will be fullfill by US governmet.

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