Top 10 Reformer Pilates Exercises For Beginners – Infographic

Healthy living isn’t all just about physical health as your mental health is just as important to your overall wellbeing! This is why mind-body workouts, such as Yoga and Pilates, should form part of your regular exercise regime. Mindfulness is also a great tool for incorporating within your fitness as well, as taking the time to focus on your health and understand how certain movements and exercise can affect your mind, and in turn affect your body and emotions, will enable a much more successful workout.

Pilates is a brilliant mind-body workout! As well as strengthening your core, Pilates helps to create an evenly conditioned body, improves posture and overall flexibility. Providing a whole host of benefits for mental health and physical health, practicing Pilates will help to enhance your overall sports performance and increase your muscle strength.

Heard of Reformer Pilates? Reformer Pilates is a type of Pilates which incorporates a piece of equipment called the Reformer bed. This type of exercise aims to promote length, strength, flexibility and balance. Whether you’ve never heard of it before and looking to try out something new, or you’ve already tried it out and looking to extend your practice further, look to the below infographic by Runway Pilates for some top exercises for beginners!

Showcasing a mix of beginner exercises both on and off the Pilates Reformer bed (since it’s quite a specialist piece of equipment which not everyone will have access to), these ten exercises are suitable for any fitness level and should be taken at your own pace. So whether you’re on a training regime or just try to fit in some exercise when you can, go the Pilates way and try out some of these exercises.




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