Ways To Store Healthy Bulk Office Snacks In Work Desk For Future Use

Your work day can seriously be fairly long. So, even after covering lunch break, you might feel hungry whenever the afternoon sets in. Instead of just hitting the vending machine and munching over candy and potato chips, it is always a clever idea to keep some of the healthy snacks besides your desk for those times when you get hungry. There are multiple healthy snacks you can get and procure in bulk amount to save money. Some such examples are oatmeal, dried fruits, nuts and even peanut butter, which can easily be stored in the desk drawer by your name.

However, there are some vegetables, fruits, cheese and similar other perishable items available, which are a bit trickier to store for a long time. So, for storing these items, you need special air tight containers. For keeping the snacks healthy, it is vital to practice portion control. The same goes with Bulk office snacks as well. The idea of portion control is not new and it means you have to divide food into some of the serving size packages. It helps you to be aware of the amount you are eating.

Collect some eating utensils and silverware to prepare the drawer:

It is always a good and clever idea to have some of the cutlery in desk drawer so that you are always prepared to eat a snack whenever the mood just strikes in. Plastic utensils are likely to work great for multiple foods. But, in case you prefer some hardly snacks that you can cut through easily like apples, you might want to have a sharp knife for making the task a lot easier.

  • Most snacks are primarily eaten by hands. But, for some like cereal or oatmeal, you might need a spoon. Then you have the butter knife, which comes quite handy for covering crackers and some other items, used for cutting soft items or spreading like peanut butter or jam on toast.
  • Sometimes, you might want to include some napkins and paper plates in drawers as well. For cereals, keeping plastic bowls handy is a superb idea. Make sure to head for the disposable plates and bowls. So, once used, there is no need to clean it. You can just dispose it off.

Areas to store the perishable snacks:

The time has come when you might have to invest in an insulated cooler. If you love healthy snacks which are easily perishable in nature, like cheese, fruits or vegetables, there is no way you might keep them safe for long in desk drawer. Instead, you can try purchasing insulated cooler, which you can keep under or just beside your working desk for stashing snacks.

  • Some of the perishable items you can keep in an insulated cooler are hummus, yogurt and even cottage cheese.
  • Always remember that these coolers are designed for keeping items cold for a single day or two at most. So, you cannot just store snacks in it for a longer time. It is highly recommended to bring perishable items for only a day or two in place to stocking the cooler for a whole week!
  • To be sure that your snacks are cold, it is vital to chill the cooler before you even pack it with snacks. In case it fits the refrigerator, you can easily chill it there. Or else, you can always add some ice and even let it sit overnight.
  • Depending on the noted workplace, you might want to bring in the mini fridge that might be shared well with the co-workers. Make sure to label and then date the snacks, which are to be stored inside the insulated cooler.

Make sure to add cold packs to cooler:

Ice is mostly quite messy to keep perishable snacks in desk cooler for keeping the items cold all day. In its place, you can try to add some of the cold packs to cooler for keeping the food chilled for a long time. These packs are well-filled with refrigerant gel or water filled liquid, and then just simply freeze it in freezer overnight. It will give enough time to use it to work in cooler the next morning. In case, you do not have any cold packs, then you can try freezing a bottle or two with water in freezer overnight. Toss them right in the cooler and it will work in the same way to keep the snacks cool for all day long.

Make sure to choose whole fruits:

Fruits will always make healthy snacks that can easily satisfy sweet craving. But, to be sure that the items remain fresh for long, it is always better to opt for fruits to be eaten whole like bananas, apples, berries, oranges, plums, grapes and even apricots.

  • You do not have to keep the bananas, oranges or apples in cooler. There are multiple fruits out there which are fine at room temperature as long they are not too ripe.
  • Some of the items, which are best to be kept cold, are grapes, plums, berries, and even apricots.

Go for the vegetables which can cut well:

In case, you like munching on vegetables, it is always best to just choose vegetables, which are not too juicy. So, even if you cut them way ahead of time, those will remain fresh inside cooler for quite some time, and before your next consumption. Peppers, carrots, broccoli and even celery are some of the best options over here. You can even avoid slicing cucumbers and tomatoes as they might get way too mushy if you ever cut them before time.

  • If you like tomatoes as healthy snacks, you can go for cherry tomatoes or grapes instead so that you can have them as a whole.
  • Vegetables, which can be left whole as fresh green beans or snap peas can also be some good options under work snacks.

Options are plenty in terms of office snacks, under fruits and vegetable categories. Just get yourself the insulated coolers now and things will work out well for you any time.

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