Weight loss – when nothing helps

Excessive weight comprising overweight and obesity is a problem facing the entire world’s population. It spares no one affecting children, teenagers and adolescents, young adults as well as older members of the society. The importance of excessive weight arises from the health risks it predisposes sufferers to. These include cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure, heart attack, hypertension, stroke and poorly controlled diabetes mellitus.

What Methods Can You Employ To Lose Weight?

Given the magnitude of the problem, it is important to find ways to lose weight. On an individual basis, there are several things you can do to keep fit and avoid weight gain. Here are some of the ways you can lose weight:

Lifestyle changes: One of the most important determinants of weight is your lifestyle. Excessive binge drinking and smoking as well as sedentary lifestyles are associated with fast and excessive weight gain.

Exercising: This is the best way to lose weight. Your body uses glucose to provide energy when functioning normally. During exercise; energy expenditure goes high and the source fuel becomes fat. This burns the excess fat and leads to weight loss. There are two types of exercise; strength and cardio exercise, both effective in weight loss.

Diet: It is believed that the more calories you take the more fat you will store. This is especially the case with those who are relatively inactive physically. Starvation is not synonymous with dieting. The former involves complete deprivation of food while the latter means choosing the right diet and reducing the caloric intake but maintaining balanced diet.

Avoidance stress: Stress and depression as well as other mood disorders have been associated with weight gain. Avoiding such situations and treating the mood disorder can help in loss of emotional weight.

Treatment of disorders associated with weight: People with diabetes mellitus, the mentally retarded as well as those on certain medications may gain weight. Correction of these conditions may mitigate weight loss.

What If These Methods Are Not Effective?

All these can help in weight loss and ensuring health and fitness. If you have attempted all these on your own but you do not see any results then it is time to look elsewhere. There are so many reasons why these remedies may not work but with good professional advice you can actually lose weight.

Several professional methods of weight loss have been advance in an effort to help with weight loss in persons who; for one reason or another, cannot lose weight on their own. While all these are well intended, not everyone can benefit from them. You can talk to your doctor or your weight loss expert to help you with the best professional advice.

Weight Loss Programs and Their Efficacy

These range from use of weight loss pills, to starvation, to exercising and to surgical interventions. While these can work for some people, for others they may not work at all.

By far, the most effective way to loss weight is through natural means. The commonest determinant of weight is the amount of body fat. This fat accumulates in various tissues of the body as adipose including the belly, walls of blood vessels as well as underneath the skin. Encouraging the body to lose fat or fat burning programs can eliminate this fat can lead to weight loss.

Use of weight loss diets such as low carb or low calorie foods has also been advanced. One important thing to realize is that not all people respond in a similar way to these diets and foods. This is because people differ in terms of their metabolic type. Thus low carb diets can have effects opposite to that expected.

The other method of weight loss is via surgical removal of the excessive fat. An example of such procedure is liposuction. Most of these surgical methods are expensive and cannot be afforded by many people. In addition, the complications associated with surgery may deter many people from even thinking about going for liposuction.

Finally comes the statement “together we stand, divided we fall”. There are several forums that have been organized by weight loss experts and those wishing to lose weight. In these forums, people can discuss the effects of weight, how to mitigate and how to prevent further deterioration of health. You can attend such weight loss camps and share with other people with similar problems.

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