Why need to apply medical card

In modern era, medical cost is very high. Medical expenses is rising and it make sense that many of us get problem when get sick. Most of us prefer government hospital instead of private hospital. Government hospital has limited expert and the increase of patient will make us wait and queue to get medical treatment. It is make danger especially for critical or emergency sickness.
That’s the problem that we must avoid. Private hospital is an alternative for us but their costing is very high. To pay cash for their medical treatment fee is impossible. Medical card is an alternative way to settle your private medical bills. Modern medical card not only covered medical bill, it also have with life protection. This is good if something bad happen to you but if your life is safe, you will be paid for your saving or retirement fund.
Most of private hospital accepts the medical card because they can claim more at the provider. That’s the important for us who don’t have big cash. Just show them your medical card and you will need to paid small amount from the bill.
It is the basic thing about medical card but you must know that the medical card is not a health insurance. Lately, most of individual insurance provide with medical card. You must check first before applying the medical card. Check T&C and compare their advantage because not all of the company gives good offer.

p/s :- Not all private hospital accept medical card, but most of popular private hospital accept it.

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