Youngest person to get MD from University of Chicago

Only 21 years old and this man earn an M.D at the University of Chicago. Before read the news, do you really know what M.D means? Okay, MD is the acronym Doctor of Medicine that meaning ‘Teacher of Medicine’. It is a doctoral degree for physicians granted by medical schools. It is a professional doctorate/first professional degreee in some countries. The doctor must obtaining from 90-120 credit hours of university level work.
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Back to the topic, Sho Yano a 21 years old man began college at age 9 and medical school three years later and now become youngest student ever awarded an M.D by the University of Chicago. He will graduate this week from the Pritzker School of Medicine and also received a Ph.D in molecular genetics and cell biology. Unlike most students who begin their Ph.D training after second year of medical school, this young men began their training after his first year. He was about 18 when he began his second year of studies toward of his M.D which includes interacting with and examining patients/
He is currently preparing for his residency in pediatric neurology which he became interested in pediatric neurology while doing a rotation at La Rabida Children’s Hospital in Chicago.

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