Sleep Like A Baby

Hi, in my previous entry I’ve wrote that I just buy a Health and Beauty Magazine and promise to write some of article in that magazine. In this entry I just share how to get a quality sleep like a baby.

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Sleep Like A Baby
Pregnancy is often a very delicate time in a woman’s life when she has to battle hormonal roller coasters and feelings of constant fatigue. Follow these tips to avoid comprimising the quality of sleep

1st Trimester
– Peaks in progesterone contribute to increased tiredness and lethargy. Get plenty of rest and indulge in regular sleep-ins and afternoon naps.
– Sleep on your left side to promote better circulation and place a pillow under your knees, back or stomach for added comfort.

2nd Trimester
– The uterus expands to accomodate the growing fetus and constricts the diaphragm, causing breathing difficulties and heartburn which can prevent sleep.
– Opt for nourishing meals that are low in spice, fat and oil.
– Eat small, regular meals throughout the day to keep energy levels stable.

3rd Trimester
– Due to the growing baby’s weight, leg cramps are common. Spasms and tightness can occur, causing pain and making sleep difficult.
– Straighten legs and flex feet upwards to stimulate blood flow and to alleviate the pain. Perform this exercise in a set of repetitions before bed to relax the muscle.
– Carbonated drinks are associated with leg cramps, so avoid the temptation of sugared, fizzy drinks

Foods For Better Sleep

1. Bananas
2. Chamomile tea
3. Oatmeal
4. Cheese and tuna sandwich
5. Almonds

Okay that’s all. I think we can get knowledge from this tips…

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