4 Reasons to See an Endocrinologist in Boca Raton

An endocrinologist diagnoses and treats health problems related to the various endocrine glands. Disorders affecting the adrenal glands, thyroid, pancreas, and other parts of your endocrine system are often complex because many functions and systems are involved. While your first attempt at treatment is likely to be a visit to your primary care physician, here are four specific reasons why you may be referred to an endocrinologist in Boca Raton for additional care.

1. Diabetes

The most common endocrine disorder in the U.S., diabetes affects how the pancreas makes insulin. If you have type 1 diabetes, an endocrinologist in Boca Ratonmay suggest better ways to regulate insulin levels. They can also discuss results from three-month averages of your blood sugar (A1C) to give you a better perspective on how effectively you are managing your diabetes.

2. Growth Disorders

Acromegaly, growth hormone deficiency, gigantism, and other growth disorders can result in an assortment of physical problems, such as premature growth, excessive growth, or delayed puberty. With certain growth disorders, an endocrinologist may be able to regulate hormones and minimize issues with development. Since Turner’s syndrome and other disorders of this nature aren’t common, it can be helpful to be treated by a specialist.

3. Endocrine Gland Cancer

Thyroid cancer is the most common type of endocrine cancer, although endocrine tumors can develop in other glands. Even when abnormal growths are benign (non-cancerous), a referral may be made to endocrinologist in Boca Raton to determine how gland functions are affected. If gland removal is necessary, hormone replacement therapy might be recommended. Hormones may also be used to minimize or prevent tumor growth.

4. Osteoporosis

There are many factors that contribute to the accelerated reduction in bone mass and weakening of bone tissues characteristic of osteoporosis, including possible endocrine problems. Certain gland conditions also throw off the normal balance of bone rebuilding and remodeling processes. An endocrinologist can explain your options and discuss the pros and cons of hormone replacement treatment as a solution. Lifestyle changes may also be suggested to boost bone strength.

Visiting an endocrinologist in Boca Raton may make it easier to fine-tune existing treatments. You could also be given options you may not have considered before. Not all conditions that might affect the endocrine system are entirely treatable. Even so, being able to minimize symptoms sometimes makes a big difference with quality of life and daily functioning.

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