4 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Serum

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It’s not surprising that anti-aging serum is rapidly gaining in popularity. A youthful look has long been considered the standard for beauty. If you decide to take serum to combat aging, you need to ensure you make your most out of the experience. The serum can represent a major investment so getting the most bang for your buck makes complete sense.

Deep Clean Your Skin Before Application
The first thing to do is to deep clean the part of your body you’re going to put the serum on. When you purchase the best serum in Malaysia you should take every precaution to make sure you gain the optimal results. Any grease or loose dirt on the skin can prevent absorption of the serum, so make sure to thoroughly remove it all! This simple step is vital to your ultimate success. It helps you get the most out of the serum you use, protecting your investment.


Don’t Use Moisturizer for at Least Five Minutes
You’ll be tempted to apply moisturizer right after you put your serum. Avoid this temptation because it may lessen the effectiveness of your application. Give your serum application the time it needs to do its job, then apply the moisturizer. A bit of patience is always a good idea here. You’ll know when it’s safe to apply, but use the rule of thumb of waiting five minutes to be completely sure that the serum has been fully absorbed.

Dampen Your Skin Prior to Use
This is a very simple trick that must be performed before use. Your skin will be more than ten times more permeable this way, which super-charges the absorption rate for your serum application.  It doesn’t cost anything to do this step and it certainly doesn’t take long to accomplish. Make sure the water is warm to the touch and not hot. This is one step to never neglect because it will extend the time between serum purchases by a measurable factor.

Never Use More than You Need
Don’t ever forget that serum is highly concentrated so you don’t need to put a lot of it on at once. Start with a very small amount and the gently apply it. It’s always best to err on the side of using too little. You may feel an urge to dump as much serum on as possible to get the maximum effect. Resist this idea because there’s a point of diminishing impact and greater expense that you’ll quickly meet.

Buying serum for anti-aging is a great idea and it can be one of the best investments you can ever make. You need to conserve your serum as much as possible to make the value stretch. Make sure you use lukewarm water before your application. Water that’s too hot or too cold can cause contractions that won’t help you out at all. You’ve made an excellent decision to buy anti-aging serum. It will have a profound and lasting impact on how you look and how you feel about how you look. You’ll be glad you decided to try it.


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