Menopause: The unique chance for changes

Menopause is one of the crucial transition periods in a woman’s life, not just because it marks the end of a woman’s reproductive ability, but because it presents an excellent opportunity for many changes that can improve life in upcoming years. Even though menopause occurs naturally and usually doesn’t require any special treatments, it’s accompanied by hot flashes, mood changes and problematic sleep, so the quality of a woman’s life can become a bit lower. However, if the menopause knocks on your doors, there’s no reason for despair, you can take advantage of it and build yourself a healthier life. Let’s see how:

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Turn to healthy eating

During the menopause your body is affected by the hormonal changes, which, when combined with aging and the lack of physical activity, usually lead to weight gaining and significant changes of your body shape. Luckily, you can keep your weight under the control with healthy and balanced nutrition. Switch to food rich in proteins, vitamins, fibres and minerals, such as whole grains, dairy products, beans, eggs, poultry, fish and colourful veggies. Also, eat smaller portions several times a day and avoid basing your nutrition on processed food, sugary and salty snacks. Women in menopause often lack calcium, vitamin B, D and iron, so it’s recommended to choose food which contains plenty of those substances, or eventually include dietary supplements.

Take care of your health condition

Menopause is the time when you should be more devoted to your health, in order to ensure healthy aging and minimize the risks for progressive diseases. This means you may need to visit your doctor more often, and have regular blood sugar tests, pelvic and breast exams, as well as periodical checks of your intestinal and reproductive system. Ladies in menopause have increased risk of osteoporosis, so your doctor may recommend frequent bone density tests and special exercising programs.  Entering a menopausal age is the time when you should start using glasses, since your eyesight may become worse and it’s important to prevent further complications, such as glaucoma.

Develop a strategy for a healthy sex life

Along with some physical and health difficulties, menopause can bring certain changes in woman’s sex life too, but that doesn’t mean you should stop being sexually active in your forties or fifties. In fact, you’re encouraged to practise sex as long as you’re taking care about the safety and the health of your reproductive organs. So, regardless of whether you have more than one partner or you’ve recently started a new relationship, it’s important to eliminate the risk of sexually transmitted diseases by suggesting your partner to use condoms. In case you’re allergic to latex, or you can’t stand the feeling of “something in between”, there are ultra thin, latex free condoms, which provide safe and unobstructed sexual experience. Menopause is sometimes followed by vagina dryness and thinning of vagina walls, causing painful moments during the sex, but you can eliminate these issues by using classic lubricants or estrogen creams prescribed by your doctor.

Maintain your physical and mental activity

You can facilitate menopause and ensure better quality of life in the future, by using this transition period to be physically and mentally active. If you don’t feel like jogging and working out every day, turn to leisure gardening, walking with your friends, bicycle riding or sign up for a yoga class. Save some time during the day to read a book, listen to music or even start with craft making courses. Try to avoid stressful situations as much as you can and don’t forget to give yourself a break from everyday duties.

Even though the menopause stands out as a challenging milestone in the life of every woman, ladies should look at it as on call for precious lifestyle changes which can make future life better, healthier and more carefree.

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