5 Correct step to use hair oil

If you want to keep hair beauty, oil of important resources. Oil has many benefits for both men and women’s hair. Hair washing and oiling the steps necessary to help maintain the health and beauty of natural hair.
There are many types of oil on the market. Before buying hair oil, make sure you examine the properties offered. To get beautiful hair and strong, appropriate hair oil can help. Jojoba oil is perfect for dry hair to give proper moisture while helping to soften and detangle function. Usually, this oil is used before shampooing. Olive oil also strengthens and nourishes the hair. It can also help reduce stress and promote healthy hair growth. Coconut oil can also help smooth hair. Rosemary oil is able to reduce the problem of dandruff.
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Here are 5 steps to properly wear hair oil

1. Always use warm oil. This is because it can help to diffuse through to the roots compared with oil at room temperature. Oil should be heated in a small bowl using a fire at the lowest level before applied to the hair.
2. Use a cotton ball to apply the oil on the scalp. Keep in mind the oil should be rubbed on the scalp and not the hair.
3. Use your fingers to massage the scalp in a circular motion. Do not pull the hair roots while massaging.
4. Wrap a hot towel on your head and leave it for 8 or 10 minutes. Repeat the same step at least 3-4 times. It is not only beneficial to the hair but also help to calm the body and mind.
5. When washing, do not put shampoo directly on the scalp. Mix the shampoo with water in a glass and pour it on your head or on the palms. Scalp massage even while cleaning. Do not forget to apply hair conditioner after shampooing.

Tips to get beautiful hair

1. Rub warm oil once a week.
2. Leave the oil on the scalp overnight to provide moisture.
3. If you experience problems damaged cuticles, wrap the head with a steamed towel.

Things to avoid for healthy Hair

1. Do not let your hair washed rubbed with oil if you have to work in the sun or dust. This is because the oil will cause the dust to stick and hot sunshine dries hair faster.
2. Do not apply excessive oil on long hair because it will make your hair drier.
3. Avoid massaging with oil if your scalp is oily category.

Okay, let’s get oil to make your hair healthy…

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