Six types of oil that are beneficial for hair

Do you want a shining and healthy hair. It is a must especially for women to have the beautiful hair. In this entry, I’ll share an oil hair you can use and the meal to eat. Just read the entry until end


Oil is able to provide beauty and health of our hair. Here are six types of oils that are beneficial to the hair.

1. Olive oil
– Having the advantages that make the hair matted and unkempt softer.

2. Coconut Oil
– Coconut oil gives moisture longer for every strand of hair. Washing hair frequently will cause the oil to be removed and so original hair becomes dry and dull. Use coconut oil to restore moisture to it.
3. Jojoba Oil
– Jojoba oil have a moisturizer that helps handful of hair to make it look more beautiful.
4. Almond Oil
– Almond oil enriched with vitamin E. Very suitable for use almond oil for dry hair kerana able to give the impression of elastic properties of the hair follicle.
5. Argan Oil Maghribi
– Argan oil contains anti oxide and fatty asid that can restore hair structure.
6. Camellia Oil
– Attempting to make it all shiny black hair so after melumurnya throughout the hair.
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In addition to using oil, you should also eat well and following a diet that is suitable for your hair: –

1. Seafood
– The content of zinc in seafood such as shellfish and oysters may prevent hair loss and strengthen hair roots. In addition, marine nutrients also help build the body’s cells to keep hormones in the absorption of vitamins good for hair growth.
2. Dark green vegetables
– Spinach, broccoli and carrot are the best source of vitamins A, C, iron and calcium. Efficacy is needed to produce sebum namely oil produced by hair follicles that serves as a moisturizing hair naturally.
3. Eat Nuts
– To get beautiful hair and sparkling eat a lot of nuts. Nuts such as cashews and almonds are a good source of zinc and can moisturize the hair. Zinc deficiency can cause hair loss easily.
4. Try more Dairy products
– Choose low-fat products such as yogurt that can supply the calcium needed by the body. In addition, calcium also is an important mineral for hair growth.

5. Salmon
– Content of Omega-3, vitamin B-12 and iron contained in salmon is very beneficial for the health of the scalp. Lack of nutrients can make the scalp and hair dried.

That’s some of tips for you to get a healthy and beautiful hair.

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