5 Health Benefits of Physical Intimacy


There are more benefits to sex than the obvious ones, like being able to share love or the fun you might have. The following will explore some health benefits.

Stronger Connection

The connection people feel with their partner improves with physical activity. Of course, the act is good for intimacy since you are both trusting each other during this activity, but a little more happens. The brain releases chemicals like oxytocin as you’re having this sexual encounter with your partner.

This little chemical makes you feel closer to your partner. It sets off all these emotions, making them stronger, and it does this for both people. The more you have sex, the more you’ll feel connected to each other. This also means the less you have, the less oxytocin in your brains, which might not be so good for your relationship.

Fights Stress

Another reason to have more sex is to fight stress. Everyone knows that stress is a constant in people’s lives, and it can become overwhelming. Money, bills, family life, and coworkers can contribute to your stress, which is the reason stress-relieving activities are vital. There are many stress-relieving activities you can do like yoga, but one thing that people overlook is sex.

It’s hard to have sex when you’re stressed out, which is why you need something like online sex classes to give you back your mojo. Once you’re able to embrace your passions, then this will be very helpful. Sex releases feel-good neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, which makes you feel good while helping you cope with stress better.

Better Immune System

You should know that physical intimacy also does a lot for your immune system. No one likes to get sick, and if you want to take one giant step towards that goal, then sex should be in your plans. This activity helps flush the lymphatic system that gets a little bogged down with waste.

When this happens, your immune system gets weaker, which means it cannot fight off bacteria and viruses well. Thankfully, you can do a regular flush with sex. This constant lymphatic system flushing also helps other areas of your body. For example, you’ll feel less bloated, and you won’t experience brain fog moments as often.


Improved Sleep

Sleep is incredibly important to the body. This is the time when the body does things like create long-term memory or helps the body recover from the stress and damage it endured throughout the day. The problem is many folks have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Some folks don’t know what to do and sometimes ignore the issue or end up taking medication.

If medication is necessary, then there’s nothing you can do about it, but you should know that sex can make a difference with some people. Sex, especially when a person climaxes, can be quite explosive to the nervous system. It releases an incredible amount of physical tension and makes it go away. This ends up creating an incredibly deep sense of peace, and that can make you fall asleep soundly.

Boosts Brain Cells

Okay, this is a pretty exciting one, especially for those who want to feel smarter and more confident. Sex can not only boost the brain cells you have but can grow new ones. There are a lot of reasons you might lose brain cells, from snoring to smoking among many other things. This could hurt your brain’s power, and that’s just a tragedy.

The good thing is the more sex you have the more brainpower you gain. Now, no one is saying you’ll become smarter than you are, but you might be able to reach your full potential before you lost brain cells due to lifestyle choices. It should also be pointed out that many of the brain-related issues folks deal with as they age can be attributed to brain cell problems, so this activity can help prevent some of those age-related issues as well.

You now have five important reasons to have more sex with your partner as if you needed a few more. Try your best to take control of your sexual experiences because they’re a healthful aspect of your life.

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