5 Proven Treatments to Prevent Headache

 If you feel headaches then you must have tried different treatments to prevent it and to remove the pain. If you’re still struggling & don’t have any success, never give up! Here I am revealing 5 treatments that most of you may not have considered, but believe me they are very effective & you surely will get healthier in few weeks.

Reduce Your Allergies

 According to American Headache society, the 3rd of Americans with allergies also have headaches. Vincent Martin (Professor, MD of University of Cincinnati College of Medicine) explained that body liberates chemicals like histamine & other materials during allergic reactions that can lead to migraines. In his study he observed that people who taken measures against allergy have reduced about 50% of their migraines.

Getting Injections

Though scientists are not sure how it works & it was accidentally revealed by plastic surgeons few years back when they came to know about its effectiveness through patient’s feedback. FDA approved it in 2010 & now it’s being widely used for headache relief.

It’s also known as a Botox (wrinkle fixer) covered by insurance & highly recommended for people who experience headaches for more than 2 weeks in a month.

Examine the Forecast

Only few of us know that the headache goes up by 8% (approx) for every five degree Celsius rise in temperature. So it’s recommended that you stay in air conditioning during heat waves & stay in touch with weather forecast.

Smartify Yourself

By reducing 8-12 pounds you can prevent yourself from migraines. As studies shows that 40% of women are more likely to get migraines that have huge amounts of belly fat as compared to those who are smart.

Take Active Birth control Pills

You will feel a huge relief in migraines by taking active birth control pills on a regular basis. Many women have tried it & now it comes highly recommended by neurologists.

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