5 Signs Your Family Member Might Have Sleep Apnea

While snoring has been thought a joke in the past, it’s actually an indicator of a serious health challenge. Sleep apnea can come from your brain or from the structure of your throat and the position of your jaw. With proper medical help, your loved ones can overcome apnea and enjoy better quality sleep over time.


If you are kept awake by a loved one who snores, or if they tell you that you snore loud enough to wake them, or if you wake yourself up snoring, everyone’s health may be at risk. If your loved ones sleepy during the day or if they have to consume a lot of caffeine to function well, none of you may be sleeping well or efficiently.

Even if the noise of snoring doesn’t wake you frequently, your family member may be waking up with a

  • dry mouth
  • sore throat
  • headache

Many people who suffer from apnea also suffer from night terrors and panic dreams; losing the ability to breathe in the night can trigger a fear response.

Poor Concentration

Children who struggle with sleep apnea may exhibit a variety of symptoms. The condition can lead to excessive sweating at night, general exhaustion, and irritability in the morning. As children get old enough for school, they may struggle to concentrate in class and especially grow sleepy after lunch.

Bed-wetting and an inability to wake up can also be indications of sleep apnea in children. Because signs of low oxygen in children can be hard to spot, if you notice that your child is snoring, restless, or choking in their sleep, discuss your observations with your doctor. It could be that an allergy therapy or TMJ treatment could relieve their suffering.

High Blood Pressure

Your body needs sleep to effectively cleanse itself of toxins and refresh your tissues. If you’re not sleeping well or deeply, you simply can’t refresh your body effectively.

If you or a loved one are not sleeping effectively and oxygenating well while you rest, the heart has to work much harder to keep all body tissues oxygenated. If your loved one is on medications for blood pressure, it’s a good idea to get a sleep study done.

Type 2 Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome

Sleep apnea can start a cascade of other health issues. If you’re not sleeping well because you or a partner aren’t sleeping, your energy level will be low. If you’re tired all the time, you may eat foods high in sugar to give you energy. A diet high in sugar raises your inflammation level and may lead to chronic pain, which can make it harder to exercises, so the weight piles on

If you notice that your partner’s waistline is expanding, that they just don’t feel rested, or that diabetes numbers are getting worse over time, talk to your family GP about a sleep study. Fixing this base problem could make it easier to start making small, positive health changes, including increasing exercise and reducing processed sugar intake.

Your cleansing organs include your colon. If you and your partner are not sleeping well, you may have toxins building up in your lower gut and you may not have the energy to exercise, which can lead to constipation and other miseries.

Liver Problems

The liver, kidneys and colon are working hard to cleanse toxins from the body, but if you or your spouse are not resting well due to snoring, residue may be left in those cleansing organs. Non-alcoholic liver disease can lead to dangerous scarring of this critical organ over time.

It’s important to note that coffee can actually be good for your liver. However, if your loved one must have coffee to function effectively on a daily basis, or if they need caffeine after lunch to keep going, it’s very likely that they’re not getting enough rest.

Quality sleep could be a simple dental appliance away. Talking to your doctor and undergoing a sleep study are both very good ideas for anyone interested in getting better quality sleep. Not everyone who snores needs a CPAP machine, though these appliances can be life-changing for anyone who struggle with sleep obstructions.

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