5 Simple tips to Sleep with Sciatica Pain

Sciatica pain is experienced at the sciatic nerve. This nerve basically runs from the hips, buttocks, and continues down to the back of each leg. If you’re also the one suffering from chronic pain, you might understand how difficult it is to sleep with sciatica. This problem is caused due to herniated disc in the lower back. The patient will experience shooting pain in the nerve and pain would vary from mild to terrible.

Tips to sleep with your sciatica pain

Sleeping with proper adjustments of your pillow can help you have a sound sleep with your sciatica pain. If you’re also experiencing such chronic sciatica pain, continue reading the article to know how to sleep with sciatica pain.

1. Sleep on your back: This is one of the best positions to relax with sciatica pain. Since the sciatica nerve is located around the lower back pain, sleeping on your back would make you feel better.

2. Sleep on the side posture: To get benefit from this position, you must keep your spine aligned, hips straight, and curl up your knees slightly towards your chest.

3. Pillow under your lower back: Placing a pillow under the lower back will keep your spine in a neutral position. This position will also cut off the gap between your back and mattress.

4. Fetal Position: Fetal position allows you to make enough space between your vertebrae and might eventually reduce back pain caused due to herniated disc.

5. Sleep on the floor: Sleeping on a soft surface would cause your spine to bend due to improper alignment. Sleeping on the floor would comfort you.

Check out the infographic designed by MJPhysio – the physiotherapist in Vancouver, to know more about the sleeping position with sciatica pain.

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