6 Best Ways to Stay Active and Healthy

When it comes to staying active, we all tend to procrastinate a little bit. However, it’s very important that you get enough physical activity every single day in order to stay healthy. There are numerous benefits of staying active and those such as reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and keeping cancer at bay are just some of them. But how do you make yourself stay active? We’ve come up with 6 ways that are guaranteed to do the trick, even on your busiest days.

 Get a dog

Numerous studies have shown that people become much more active once they get a dog. By introducing a furry friend to your family, you’ll give yourself and everyone else another reason to go outside and have a walk. And seeing your dog run around might just be that tiny bit of motivation you need in order to stay active. Even if all you’re going to do is get up from your couch and let your dog outside, you’ll still be burning more calories than you would if you’d spend all day staring at the screen.

 Sneak in some exercise while watching TV

We all enjoy sitting idly while watching our favorite TV shows. However, if you want to stay active, you can always try to sneak in some exercise while watching TV. Get a comfy mat and start doing push-ups, squats and all the other fat-burning exercises while still getting a glimpse of the TV show you enjoy watching. Not to mention that there many fitness channels that might motivate you do exercise even more. And if you have a smart TV, you can search the web for any fitness instructions you might need.

 Stand up at work

Work is the place where you probably stay sedimentary for hours. This means you lose a lot of opportunities to stay active and lose weight. So, the next time you arrive at the office, try to stand as much as possible. In fact, depending on what kind of work you do, you can even get a stand-up desk in order to make sure you don’t spend hours in your chair. Standing for so long can help you strengthen your leg muscles and increase endurance. Even if you can’t get a stand-up desk, make sure you take a 5-minute break every now and then just to engage in some activity.

 Give yoga a go

Now, you’ve probably heard a lot of people talking about benefits of yoga. So, if you think you need more physical activity, trying to practice it might just be a perfect idea. The best thing about it is that you don’t need hours and hours in order to see the results. Get on your mat just a little bit every single day and you’ll start feeling much better straight away. Of course, you can start with some basic yoga poses and work towards some more advanced ones as your body becomes more flexible.

 Get on your bike

Cycling is considered to be one of the best ways to stay active and healthy. Riding your bike regularly can help you strengthen all kinds of muscles in your body and keep dangerous diseases at bay. Another great thing about cycling is that you can do it while completing your everyday tasks such as going to the supermarket or paying bills. Also, you can always make a family thing out of it and go on a ride with your kids every day. Just make sure you get all the cycling equipment you need. We’re talking about things such as mountain bike shoes and a wicking jersey or top.

 Try fidgeting at work

We’ve already mentioned that you can try standing more while at work. However, if you want to try and make the most out of it, you can also try fidgeting while you’re working. This means you can bring in an exercise ball and sit on it while you work. Of course, this little thing shouldn’t replace your desk chair, but when you’re alone in the office why not get on it and stabilize your abs. Moreover, you can always pace around your office while you’re on the phone with a client or a business partner.

Try doing all of the things we mentioned above and staying active and healthy is going to be a real piece of cake. And of course, always keep an eye on some new ways you can introduce more physical activity into your everyday life.




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