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Our hearing plays an important role in how we interact with the wordls around us. It facilitates the forming of relationships amd opens up a wealth of sensory experiences.

Hearing loss is often gradual and subtle, hense usually ignored. Often, it can only be detected through carefully performed hearing tests.
Some of these situations will be familiar to a person who is having difficulty hearing :

1) Other people seem to be mumbling
2) Being told the television is too loud
3) Group and telephone conversations are difficult to follow and understand
4) Havint to ask people to repeat themselves
5) Hearing is difficult when there is a lot of background noise, such as on a busy street

Facts About Hearing Loss
A) About 10% of the population are hearing impaired
B) Sensorineural damage (nerve deafness) is the most common form of hearing loss
C) Hearing instruments can improve hearing difficulty by approximately 95%

Common Hearing Loss

i) Otitis media (Ear Infection)
– The most common cause of temporaty hearing loss, which affect 70% of all infants and young children

ii) Presbycusis
– This is the most prevalent hearing loss that occurs with old age, leading to speech discrimination difficulty

iii)Noise-induced hearing loss
– Continued exposure to loud sounds over a long period of time accelerates permanent hearing loss.

The possible causes of hearing loss are due to other chronic illnesses, injuries, genetic factors and consumption of medication that can damage hearing.

Who should be tested

– Every child should have a hearing assessment as soon as possible after birth. Early identification and intervention is crucial for language development.
– Every adult who is regularly exposed to high noise levels should have a hearing test at least once a year
– Every person who experiences the slightest difficulty with hearing should undergo a hearing assessment for early detection, intervention adn preservation of communication and listening skills.

Source :- Sunday Star , 8 October 2017.

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