6 Ways Your Body asks for Help

Regret is an awful feeling.

You may hear it often in hospital corridors. When patients—or their families—mention tell tale signs they ignored.

Often these intensify into huge health challenges. Sometimes it’s too late to regain any health at all.

We all know hindsight has 20/20 vision. But what if we can look ahead with less blurry eyesight?

You’ll be surprized how much you can tell about your body’s overall condition right now. You simply have to know where to look.

You may not even need a doctor to determine the cause.

Excessive health risks usually occur in your organs. When everything in your body is going according to plan you’ll look healthy. If one part starts deteriorating the effect will be visible somewhere.

Here are a few areas to keep an eye on. You may just save your own or someone’s life.

  1. Your Skin

Your skin is the largest organ you have. The 20ft² it covers on an average human offers a lot of space for investigation.


Use it to your benefit.


Rashes are common but you must always keep an eye on them. In their most nonthreatening state they can simply be eczema. In extreme cases they’re the results of an autoimmune disease.

Your doctor can put your mind at rest with a simple biopsy.

Peeling Skin

Peeling skin can’t be ignored. You’ll take note especially if an itch accompanies it. This is your body telling you to increase your vitamin intake.

In some cases it points to fungal infections too. Start with a basic remedy. Adjust it if there’s no improvement.


Skin problems are prevalent among teenagers. They do stay challenge some people well into adulthood.


All reasons for acne relate to imbalances in the body. Some problems can be treated with the right face wash. Not all of them are easy to treat:

  • Hormonal imbalances cause high amounts of oil to be produced.
  • Weak skin cells are brought on by bad nutrition. They break easily and allow dirt to enter pores.

If problems persist medication and supplements may adjust these imbalances.

Skin cells are sensitive. The problems—danger signs—invariably leave marks. Cosmetic procedures and skin peels help remove old skin cells. If you’ve fixed the internal imbalances the new layers will be able to heal and show less discoloration.

  1. Your Nails

We often feel we won’t survive without hands. We use them all day. But do we LOOK at them often enough?

Apart from performing tasks they warn us of problems:

  • Small items under your nails can point to heart problems. A small blood clot may look like a splinter.
  • Discoloration can point to many serious diseases. You may have problems in your thyroid or lungs. Visit the doctor if your nails present yellow, very white or pale.
  • Dry or split nails. This is common but beware if it’s not linked to your general daily tasks. Nails that split for no reason may point to fungal infections or thyroid disease.
  1. Your Weight

We all dream of having super model body types. But a sudden drop or gain in weight is not healthy.

You may head for extreme health challenges. Various parts of your body can ask for help via weight changes:

  • Oesophageal problems
  • Lung conditions
  • Pancreatic deterioration
  • Stomach problems as severe as cancer
  • Imbalance in hormones or sugar levels
  1. Your Emotions

Your emotional state is seldom only determined by psychological aspects.

Do you prevent excessive stress and manage your heart’s health? If you don’t it can lead to depression.

Physical and mental health are often interwoven. If you realize you’re more depressed or aggressive you should have a check up. Determine the biological cause so you can treat it. A trip to a therapist can take care of the mental fatigue too.

  1. Your Eyes

Never mind being the windows to your soul. Your eyes will tell you if your body is suffering. When you look in the mirror they’re supposed to be the first things you take in.

With this knowledge there’s no excuse for not looking after your health now.


The common belief is that dark circles point to low amounts of sleep. Unfortunately your body may face more dire challenges than that.

Blood anaemia also causes circles and necessitates a visit to your doctor.

Bloodshot Eyes

Too little sleep gives you bloodshot eyes. This has an easy solution.

But you may be taking too much medication which can also result in reddish eyes. A high aspirin level causes the blood to thin and vessels to flood.

Don’t let medication be the reason your body starts rebelling.

  1. Your Lips

No this is not a lack of ointment. If your lips are more dry than usual you need to investigate. This tiny part of your face shows the level of hydration in your entire body.

A simple increase of water intake can be your solution. If the problem persists you may need more supplements or a visit to the doctor. If your cells’ membranes are weak they won’t hold moisture well.

Sometimes we love living in denial. If the problem can’t be seen it may go away. When it comes to your health this outlook may cause us to wait until it’s too late. Now you can’t ignore facts any longer. These exterior signs are visible to the naked eye. Do something about them.



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