Bad-Effects of Alcohol / Liquor to your health


Do you know what is alcohol?

Alcohol is synonymous with wine or alcohol usually drunk when socializing or digunakanuntuk enhance “the mood”
It could also cause addiction if they are drunk
Alcoholic drinks are available in many forms, including beer, wine, brandy and whiskey.

Do you know the impact on the body?

  1. It slows the central nervous system function
  2. Changing perceptions, emotions, movement, vision, and hearing
  3. What are the risk factors for a person to drink to excess?

Environmental factors such as:

  • Easy to get
  • Not expensive
  • To attract advertisers in the media
    Social factors:
    The influence of peers
    family Background
    The influence of idols or famous people
    Biological factors:
    Personality (eg, impulsive, easily devastated / excitement)

What are the effects of alcohol?
The effect of alcohol cover various aspects of life. Social implications, including:

  1. Lack of concentration can result in deterioration of educational performance.
  2. Truancy can affect academic achievement.
  3. Delinquent behavior / misconduct.
  4. Youth involvement in crime to fund habits of alcoholism.

The physical effects of alcohol are:

State of intoxication (one walk unsteadily, speech that is incorrect or unclear, confused and disordered).
Poisoning (symptoms include extremely drowsy, loss of consciousness, difficulty breathing, low blood sugar, seizures and sometimes death).

Health disorders, including:

  • Permanent brain damage
  • Liver disease (liver inflammation, cirrhosis, cancer)
  • Heart disease (increased blood pressure, stroke / stroke)
  • Ulcers in the stomach (gastritis and peptic ulcer)
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Decrease sexual desire and impotence
  • spontaneous abortion
  • Abnormal baby


  • Anemia (low blood)

Psychosocial problems may also arise. among them:

  • changes in personality
  • depression
  • suicide
  • aggressive behavior

Are there any indirect risk to health?
Yes, a person who is addicted to alcohol are more likely to:

  • Engaged in unsafe sexual symptoms (at high risk of HIV / AIDS).
  • Show violent behavior.
  • Suffering from injuries such as road accidents.

What is alcoholism?
Abuse of alcohol causes a person is too dependent on it all the time.
When a person is suspected of being addicted to alcohol?

  • Serious desire to drink alcohol or withdrawal
  • Failed to stop his continued drinking
  • Physical symptoms ( sweating and nausea)
  • Need to increase the amount of alcohol consumed
  • Continue drinking habits despite the many problems caused by alcohol

| Avoid Alcoholism In Your Family |

How can you avoid alcohol?
You should:

  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle
  • Skills to handle stress and problems faced
  • Stay away from friends who consume alcohol
  • Enter the full time – Take part in sports, start an exercise program or a hobby,
  • Participate in social activities that benefit
  • Do not accept an invitation to try alcohol, even for once
  • Stay away from places that could encourage the consumption of alcohol, such as bars, nightclubs, discos and so on.
  • Have the skills / ability to address problems including those mentioned above

What can you do if you have an alcohol problem?

  • Get help as soon as possible
  • Talk to a trusted adult (parents, doctors, school counselors, etc.) or someone who can provide support

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