California governor in undergoing treatment for early stage prostate cancer

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California governor, Jerry Brown has been treated for early stage prostate cancer with an excellent prognosis for recovery. The 74 year old Democrat is expected to keep up a full work schedule in near time.
The announcement came as California lawmakers prepare for a 2013 legislative session that will kick off a historic year in which Democrats have control of both houses. Brown has removed the growth of cancer from the right side of his nose in April 2011 and will complete his treatment for prostate cancer in early January.
During Brown’s outpatient cancer treatment in 2011, doctors removed basal carcinoma cells and did reconstructive surgery to his nose.

According to U.S National Institutes of Health, one in every six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime. It is the most common cause of cancer related death for men over 75 years of age.
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Source :- Yahoo Health
Image Credit :- Dr R Resource

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