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Prostate cancer now kills more in UK than breast cancer

(CNN)Prostate cancer now kills more people in the United Kingdom than breast cancer, according to numbers released Friday by Prostate Cancer UK. The charitable organization said 11,819 men in the UK died from prostate cancer in 2015 — the latest year for which data are available — compared with 11,442 women who died of breast cancer. Lung cancer and bowel (colorectal) cancer remain the top two deadliest cancers in the

Prostate Cancer

There are many myths about prostate cancer. It will cause mislead to public. Let’s read some of popular myths about prostate cancer :- Myth 1: Prostate Cancer is a disease of older people People think that only men aged 65 years and over will have prostate cancer. This myth is not true because even if they are aged 65 years and over will have a greater probability of prostate cancer,

Different Types of Cancer That You Must Know

Do you really know about cancer? In this article I’ll show you about type of cancer that you must take note. What is Cancer ‘Cancer’ a term that often makes us fear and it is the second highest killer disease in the whole world. It is true that there are many types of disease, but the impact of cancer is different and also drastic. Cancer can be life threatening and

California governor in undergoing treatment for early stage prostate cancer

photo uploader California governor, Jerry Brown has been treated for early stage prostate cancer with an excellent prognosis for recovery. The 74 year old Democrat is expected to keep up a full work schedule in near time. The announcement came as California lawmakers prepare for a 2013 legislative session that will kick off a historic year in which Democrats have control of both houses. Brown has removed the growth of

Worldwide Cancer will rise 75% by 2030

Incidence of cancer is expected to increase 75 % by 2030 worldwide. It is increase of more than 90 % in the poorest nations. Rates of certain types of cancer appear to be declining in some developing countries but there reductions are likely to be offset by substantial increases in the types of cancer associated including prostate, breast and colorectal cancer. This report publishe on 31 May in The Lancet

New Drug to treat advanced prostate cancer

A new drug to treat advanced prostate cancer has been made by Johnson & Johnson’s called Zytiga. In the small clinical trial of six months treatment, the drug nearly eliminated tumors in about one third of men whose disease had not yet spread beyond the prostate gland but was considered likely to do so. Researchers show that bladder cancer and breast cancer patients whose tumors are eliminated before an operation