Different Types of Cancer That You Must Know

Do you really know about cancer? In this article I’ll show you about type of cancer that you must take note.

What is Cancer


‘Cancer’ a term that often makes us fear and it is the second highest killer disease in the whole world. It is true that there are many types of disease, but the impact of cancer is different and also drastic. Cancer can be life threatening and devastating that cause immense damage to your health. Cancer does not occur to someone when he or she is born, nor cancer can infect someone. This disease happens due to genetic mutations or can gifted by his or her parents or by forefathers. Well, there are established causes of cancer like radiation and asbestos. Without any warning someone can build up this disease. Well, there are different types of cancer and its important for everyone to know. The different types of cancer are:

1. Bladder Cancer: – This type of cancer is formed in the urinary bladder and result in inflammation and irritation. Bladder cancer is intermediary cell carcinoma, Squamous cell carcinoma, and Adenocarcinoma that becomes malignant.
2. Breast Cancer: – This cancer is occurred in the mammary glands, basically in the ducts and lobules. Mostly women are victimized with this disease and rare case of breast cancer in found in male. When there is an increase in the malignant tumors, then breast cancer attacks.


3. Colon Cancer: – This cancer is occurred in the colon tissue. Adenacarcinomas is the main cause of colon cancer and this brings releases of fluids and mucus in the large intestine. Colon cancer mostly affects to older people. The cause of this cancer is still a secret.

Johns Hopkins Patient Guide To Colon And Rectal Cancer (Johns Hopkins Patients’ Guide)

4. Kidney Cancer: – This type of cancer is formed in the tissues of kidneys. This type of cancer comprises renal pelvis carcinoma wilmis tumor and renal cell carcinoma. Kidney cancer basically occurs due to heavy smoking, obesity, drinking alcohol and others. It basically occurs to people those are above 40.
5. Leukemia: – This type of cancer affects the bone barrow. This type of cancer is originated in the blood tissue.
6. Melanoma: – This is a skin cancer and may affect the eye and intestine. More expose to ultraviolet rays can bring Melanoma.
7. Prostate Cancer: – This cancer occurs to male and basically in the reproductive system. Prostate cancer may spread lymph nodes and bones.

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There are more type of cancer that occur in this world. Maybe it will increased after new founding but this is the common type of cancer.

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