Diabetes Drug May Restore Memory

There’s a new invention related to Alzheimer’s person. For those suffered with Alzheimer’s disease there’s probably a drug that could restore their memory. The researchers from Canada found that a drug called AC253 that originally for diabetes treatment could restore memory to levels similar to those of normal cells. They still need to make trials that could start in five years before released it.
This found has been published online in The Journal of Neuroscience on 28 November. The statement from Jack Jhamandas, a researcher at the University of Alberta said

“… it tells us that drugs like this might be able to restore memory, even after Alzheimer’s disease may have set in.”

Last year, the team found that AC253 could block the toxic effects of amyloid protein that lead to brain cell death. From latest study, they tested memory capacity in cells extracted from brain tissue of mice engineered to develop Alzheimer’s disease and compared it to that of brain cells from healthy mice.
The team has tested the memory capacity of normal brain cells and Alzheimer’s brain cells and found that Alzheimer’s brain memory was restored to levels similar to those of the normal cells. This results still early but the researchers still working on it and resolve a number of problems before ready for testing.
Alzhaimer’s don’t have any cure yet but the invention show that it could slow its progression.

Source :- MedicalNewsToday

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