Vitamin D linked to daytime sleepiness

There’s study found that strong but complicated association exists between vitamin D levels and daytime sleepiness. The study included 81 sleep clinic patients who were eventually diagnosed with a sleep disorder. Most of them were found to have obstructive sleep apnea. People with obstructive sleep apnea will experience repeated breathing interruptions while sleep.
The patients’ levels of daytime sleepiness were assessed and blood samples were taken to measure their vitamin D levels. Patients with vitamin D deficiency associate between vitamin D levels and daytime sleepiness was seen only in black patients. But the patients have higher vitamin D levels were associated with higher levels of daytime sleepiness. This result published online on Dec 15 in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine.
Dr. David McCarty from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine said

“While we found a significant correlation between vitamin D and sleepiness, the relationship appears to be more complex than we had originally thought,”

This study show that it is a significant association between vitamin D levels and sleepines. While the study still can’t prove a cause and effect relationship but it will help to begin another research.

Source :- HealthyLiving MSN

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