Check the food label can help us lean

Sound funny but that’s reality. Many users choose to continue to take the product off the shelf food without checking the label first. However, for those concerned about the nutritional content of food, people are fortunate that the practice of checking the labels on food containers able to help you lose weight up to four kilograms.
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According to a large-scale research conducted on more than 25,000 users in the United States (U.S.), health monitoring group led by lecturer at the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, Maria Loureiro find users who check food labels more concerned about her weight.

Through study in the Journal of Agricultural Economicsloaded as well, a habit to check food labels can affect practitioners.

The women were more sensitive to salt, fat, sugar, protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals taken. Another 74 per cent of women regularly checking the nutrition label food as compared to 58 per cent of men.

“It makes the most of reading body mass index (BMI) 1.48 points users women less than men who rarely check the nutrition label of food,” he said.

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