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World Cup could effect your health

World Cup is famous sport event worldwide. There’s many fans that can’t wait to watch the sport programme. Most people need to stay up to watch the best team battle on the football field. But beware because it could affect your health such as :- 1. Heart Attacks – Watching the World Cup may bring heart beaten much faster especially when your favorite team play badly. How much fans have

Male Dysfunction

Healthy sperm is important for men. Find out the possible threats to our sperm and learn how to improve the virility #1 Insufficient Zinc Fix: Eat more oysters The fertility super-nutrient improves count, motility (aka swimming ability), volume, hormone levels, genetic material, cell division and sex drive, as well as forming the outer layer of the tail of the sperm. Zinc puts the requisite cartridges in your chamber and 15mg

Infographic : CPR Advice for Parents

Do you know basic life support ? There’s many facts that we don’t know that we must paid attention. Accidental deaths such as drowning and choking are main cause of death in kids. It often result in cardiac arrest and it could be worst if you don’t know CPR. Look at this infographic that give us information on how parent should perform CPR to kids when something bad happen. Source

Get more Appealing Legs with Liposuction

Liposuction has become the go to procedure when it comes to sculpting the body and ridding unwanted fat. This popular treatment can be applied virtually anywhere in the body and is most common in the abdominal and thigh region. While these are important areas to maintenance, the legs are often forgotten! With summer in full swing, weather is calling everyone to showcase shorts and bikinis. Liposuction is quickly gaining popularity


Do you know about Perleche? Perleche is the inflammation that occurs mostly at the sides of the lips. It happen because a bacterial or fungal infection. It appears between the corners of the mouth. The mouth will get a moist, white or red eruption. It is not very dangerous but it can effect on eating process.People who suffer this disease will feel uncomfortable, it makes them difficult to talk, speak

Aromatherapy in your health

Do you know about aromatherapy? Aromatherapy is an alternative medicine that uses volatile plant materials to give a positive aura. It became one of the most popular ways to get better health. Most of  this method using candles and potpourris contain essential oils. Essential oils found from plant extract from different part of the plant. The natural essences are good to harmonize the energies of our body. It can be used