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Cause and Treatment for baldness

Hi.. Hair is important part in our life. Afraid about baldness is a common problem that effect on our life. Hair is always growing but, it also has a rest phase. The hair strand will fall out after the rest phase is over. At this phase the hair will fall about 50 plus hairs a day.

Is It the Right Time to Treat your Varicose Veins?

If you’ve recently noticed varicose veins and spider veins showing up on your legs, now might be the best time to get them treated. Many doctors suggest the fall or winter as ideal times to receive a vein procedure. Just as varicose veins are a cosmetic issue, the suggested period is one as well. The colder weather will allow you to bundle up and conceal any healing vein procedures, making

How Sleep Apnea Can Affect Your Child’s Development

Sleep apnea is a common disorder, in fact, over 18 million Americans have it, and there are estimates that an additional 10 million people have it and don’t even know it. When you hear statistics like this, it’s not uncommon to dismiss it as pertaining exclusively to adults, but sleep apnea is a disorder that affects many children as well. Sleep apnea in children is caused by the same factors