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China adopts mental health law to curb forced treatment

China make a law to protect the first time right of the mentally ill after years of accusations. It is used to lock up people against their will and silence dissidents. The law standardizes mental health care services and requires general hospitals to set up special outpatient clinics or provide counseling. Debates has been made for many years to address an imbalance in Chinese society that lack of mental health

Pfizer kidney cancer drug narrowly misses study goal

Pfier Inc kidney cancer drug missed its main late stage study goal when compared to another drug in patients who had not been treated for the disease. The company said that the drug not meet the main goal of showing. The trial was testing the drug, Inlyta in patients who received no prior treatments and compared its effects with another kidneycancer drug, sorafenib. free picture hosting Inlyta is already approved

Worst summer foods for kids

Summer day means holiday for kids. It also means they can eat many food that not healthy. Read this info about worst food for kids in summer : Image Hosting Credit Picture :- Womansday

30 deaths on heat wave

America heat wave continue. The temperatures in several cities in US soaring over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees celsius). There’s at least 30 people death because of heat mostly among the older people. Officials said, heat likely caused rails to kink and led a green line train to partially derail and caused highways to buckle in some sort of US cities. Hot wave leads to much dire consuquences. Some psychiatric

51 pound tumor removed

Can you imagine you have 51-pound tumor? It will effect our lifestyle. The woman from New Jersey identified as ‘Evelyn’ has the tumor and it is removed during ‘touch and go’ five hour surgery. She notice the tumor in late April after her belly started growing. She went to seek doctors at Riverview Medical Center in New Jersey early this June and dunno that there’s a tumor in his stomach.

Smokers could immunised against nicotine

There’s a research found that smokers could one day be immunised against nicotine. The researcher deviced a vaccing that floods the body with an antibody to assault nicotine enter the smokers body. A study using mice showed levels of the chemical in the brain were reduced by 85% after take the vaccine. It still need more research to find before it could tested on people. Image Hosting Lead research, Prof