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Heart Attacks can trigger post traumatic stress

Most of us know about heart attack but not all of us know about post traumatic stress (including me..). So, let’s we know about the disease before read the topic. What is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) ? PSTD is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event. The symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety. Many PTSD people have difficulty adjusting and coping for a while but

Children received for ADHD Drugs Increasing

Before read the news, do you really know what is ADHD? ADHD is stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The disoder caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain that affects the parts controlling attention, concentration and impulsivity. A children with ADHD will have difficulty out all the information coming into his brain and easily being distracted. picture hosting According to a study from the Food and Drug Administration over

Youngest person to get MD from University of Chicago

Only 21 years old and this man earn an M.D at the University of Chicago. Before read the news, do you really know what M.D means? Okay, MD is the acronym Doctor of Medicine that meaning ‘Teacher of Medicine’. It is a doctoral degree for physicians granted by medical schools. It is a professional doctorate/first professional degreee in some countries. The doctor must obtaining from 90-120 credit hours of university

Five year old girl dies after took cough syrup

It is a notification to parent after heard about this Kimber Michelle Brown of Durango, Colorado was death after took a little bit too much cough syrup. The children staying with her grandmother when he took overdose syrup. According to Kimber’s father, the children started to get leg pain, cramps and muscle spasms after took the syrup. Not long after she collapsed and passed away. A toxiology report that children

Dallas Wiens receiving full face transplant

Dallas Weins suffered life-thtreatening burns to his head whe the boom lift drifted into a nearby power line two and a half years ago. It is damage his face and because of his 4-year old daughter, he signed on for face transplant. He said in ABC “Good Morning America “ “I could have lived like I was, no problem, if I did not have my daughter.But I could not bear

Whitney Houston cause of death

Image Hosting Los Angeles Country Coroner’s chief, Craig Harvey outlined the findings in the office’s preliminary toxicology report cause of her death. “We had approximately a 60 percent occlusion in the arteries, in the narrowing of the arteries,” Harvey said. “So, that condition, complicated by the chronic cocaine use, all combined to result in her drowning. The final cause of death has been established as drowning due to atherosclerotic heart