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California governor in undergoing treatment for early stage prostate cancer

photo uploader California governor, Jerry Brown has been treated for early stage prostate cancer with an excellent prognosis for recovery. The 74 year old Democrat is expected to keep up a full work schedule in near time. The announcement came as California lawmakers prepare for a 2013 legislative session that will kick off a historic year in which Democrats have control of both houses. Brown has removed the growth of

Heart Healthy Omega-3s Now In Milk

A new study from Journal of Dairy Science found that it is now possible to incorporate fish oil into milk and other dairy based beverages in concentrations high enough to promote heart health and not effecting the product’s taste or lifespan. It is good news because not people enjoy like fish. Researchers at Virginia Tech found that their invention using milk made by butter oil to parts fish oil passed

Abu Dhabi sponsored Pay for Health Program

The richest of the United Arab Emirates is sponsored ‘pay for health’ program that will encourage disease management companies to take steps such as offering airline miles, discounts for healthy groceries or give cash to people who need to lower their diabetes and subsequent heart complication. The richest sheikhdom is stepping up its efforts to prevent diabetes. It is after the states joined five other Middle East states in the

China adopts mental health law to curb forced treatment

China make a law to protect the first time right of the mentally ill after years of accusations. It is used to lock up people against their will and silence dissidents. The law standardizes mental health care services and requires general hospitals to set up special outpatient clinics or provide counseling. Debates has been made for many years to address an imbalance in Chinese society that lack of mental health

Pfizer kidney cancer drug narrowly misses study goal

Pfier Inc kidney cancer drug missed its main late stage study goal when compared to another drug in patients who had not been treated for the disease. The company said that the drug not meet the main goal of showing. The trial was testing the drug, Inlyta in patients who received no prior treatments and compared its effects with another kidneycancer drug, sorafenib. free picture hosting Inlyta is already approved

Worst summer foods for kids

Summer day means holiday for kids. It also means they can eat many food that not healthy. Read this info about worst food for kids in summer : Image Hosting Credit Picture :- Womansday